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Hi my name is Piper Harris: wife, mom of two busy boys, personal trainer,  and personal chef.  I have combined my innate love of cooking with a desire to raise a happy, healthy, and active family all found in the pages of this website!

My passion for healthy AND delicious food began in 2007 when I tipped the scales at over 200 lbs. on my 5’6″ frame-I knew I had to make a change and FAST!

In 2009 my second son was born and I was introduced to the “paleo” way of eating.  I ventured into eating along the paleolithic guidelines with “one foot in, one foot out”.

Fat Years

In 2011, I became very ill and couldn’t identify what exactly was going on.  This led to the discovery of an inflamed gut pointing to a future of Celiac disease if I didn’t completely overhaul my diet.  I began a strict gluten free diet and watched the pounds melt away as well as my health skyrocket!

Ultimately, my love of cooking and my new found health led to the opening of a small catering company in 2011, focusing on paleolithic, primal, and gluten free eating for local gyms.  In 2012, I published my first cookbook, The 4 AM Chef.  I author The 4 AM Chef blog sharing recipes, stories from my personal health journey, as well as funny anecdotes.  I teach local high school students the benefits of healthy, gluten free eating.  I chef for private parties as well as provide weekly meals for clients through my personal chef services and completed a Stagiaire position at the Century House Tavern under Chef Daniel Porubianski.

I have also created a WHOLE health approach for my clients by combining my love of physical fitness through my certification as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, giving me the creativity to help my clients reach their healthiest potential!

I am a proud member of the United States Personal Chef Association and am licensed and insured.
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The 4 AM Chef blog shares delicious, gluten free, and nutritious meals with you and your family!  A search option makes it easier for you to create a meal with any protein or vegetable as well as search other options such as “health” and  “exercise”.  There is GOBS of information to be found through these pages, please look through and contact me with any questions.

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Contact info:  piperharris@the4amchef.com or online at www.the4amchef.com

*Make sure to find me on:
Facebook:  PiperHarrisHealth
Twitter:  @PiperHarrisChef
Instagram: piperharrischef

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  1. Ann Reynolds

    Piper-Your mom and I are friends in Prescott. She’s so proud of you and I can understand why! How can I find out more about your diet and exercise regimine?( I hope it’s not necessary to use Twitter or Facebook.) I’m 64 and need to lose 40 lbs. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless, Ann


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