The Delight Gluten Free Cookbook: A Review

I was recently asked to review the newly released, The Delight Gluten-Free Cookbook by Vanessa Weisbrod.

Delight Gluten Free and I have partnered in the past, see my blogger highlight HERE.

The book is semi-glossy and soft covered with almost 300 glossy pages. Ms. Weisbrod includes an informative and interesting first chapter filled with gluten free do’s and don’ts, food labeling laws, how to set up a gluten free kitchen, and how to’s on using gluten free flours.

I loved the effort placed into the first pages, as most starting on a gluten free journey have many questions and quite a few of them can be answered throughout this handy chapter.

The recipes themselves are introduced with bold pictures highlighting the dish.  The recipes are easy to follow and give back up plans in case you may not have a listed ingredient.  Also found, are nutritional facts for each recipe/serving.

This is a great cookbook for a beginning cook, newbie gluten free follower, or someone with limited time and pantry.

Delight GF Cookbook Carrawy Soda Bread

I gave the Currant & Caraway Soda Bread a try because well, I don’t bake.  Ever.  And I need to practice PLUS it gave me the opportunity to put their “Basic Gluten Free All Purpose Flour Blend” recipe to the test, which was found in the first handy chapter.

My bread took 30 minutes which was within the stated time frame.  I found it to be very dense and dry.  I also felt the bread needed more salt, something, because it was hard to discern much flavor.  However, my little taste testers wanted more!  I can see my bacon bourbon marmalade on this with a hearty stew and it would be perfect!

My soda bread    Taste testers soda bread

I think this is a good “base” recipe. I  love the idea of caraway but will try some more salt.  Like many recipes, as a home cook, I look to enhance or evolve recipes into my own and this will be no different.

As I perused pages I noticed the many, many, many baked goods and sweet treats. In fact over 50 % of the cookbook is just that!  I stopped at the pizza section reading on the different crusts that could be made gluten free, but then recipes for different topping assortments came after….To me this is redundant, who can’t figure out what they want on their pizza?

Most times I hate the term “gluten free” only because it has truly become the “non-fat” from 15 years ago.  I fell prey to the “non fat” craze, longing for a slender body as I stuffed myself full of fat free chips.  So many companies have jumped on the gluten free train and advertise “Gluten Free!”which in many people’s minds goes something like…

“It MUST be healthy!”

This is simply not the case.  Too many baked goods and sweet treats high in carbs and sugars aren’t good for anyone.  Have a few, but balance is key.

Many of the recipes also use corn starch as thickener.  This is something almost EVERY cook has in their kitchen however, I would have liked to see a “How To Make A Roux” recipe with gluten free flour.

Why pull out the corn starch if I don’t have to?

I found the recipes to be very simple, which for a seasoned cook (Yep, that’s me NOT being humble) I got a bit bored.  However, I have many friends that don’t cook like me, nor do they care to, and this would be a perfect fit for them.

Overall, this is a very nice cookbook, something I would definitely gift to friends and family!  I’d love to see Ms. Weisbrod expand her horizons with less baked goods and sweets-“pseudo healthy food” and focus on full meals with proteins and vegetables and creative ways to use them where the cook won’t miss any grains.


Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win this cookbook-FREE just under 300 pages of gorgeous pictures and recipes!


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Stuffed Aromatic Squash

Welcoming Fall!


It’s officially Fall and like most, I am thrilled to see the changing of the leaves, feel a briskness to the morning air, and filling my belly with warm, robust flavors!

I have an opportunity in the coming weeks to share my fitness/health journey with the women at my church. This is a great Ladies Night Out where the women in leadership at Oakleaf, dote and encourage women every few months.

This coming October the ladies want to take their efforts to a higher level where they have designed a meal which is not only healthy, but will be served to them! The night is sure to be a success and I cannot wait to encourage all these women through food, faith, and fellowship!

I’ve whipped up a menu that will tantalize palates for the ladies of Oakleaf which I’ve shared with you below.  Also be sure to check out some of my Fall faves which will get you into the spirit of all things Autumn!

Harvest Rolls, Quinoa salad, Stuffed Acorn Squash, Chicken and Root Vegetable Panzanella  

butternut squashOrange Thyme Quinoa saladharvest rolls

Fall Menu:

-Butternut Squash Bisque
-Mixed greens salad w/ pecans, pepitas, and Craisins & Citrus dressing
-Autumn Chicken:  filet pounded thin rolled with sweet potato, apple, and sage
-Sides: sautéed garlic green beans and red/white quinoa
-Baked Apples:  filled with dates, nuts, and warming spices